Monster Cookies

Life can be crazy sometimes. Full of mysteries, oftentimes ones we can’t ever explain. This past week was full of ups and downs, excitement and difficulties. But doesn’t life seem to be that way, a roller coaster of emotions, setbacks, triumphs, and blessings? God has been teaching me a lot lately about contentment and finding joy and strength, not in my circumstances, but in Him alone. He promises to take care of me, to comfort me, to hold me in the palm of his hand, and to love me through it all. Right when I feel down and out, God supplies a blessing or reminder of his faithfulness. This week my eyes were opened to many of those blessings: a cool breeze on my morning walk, a friend reaching out to me right when I needed the encouragement, or an invitation to interview for PA school that further affirmed my career goals. God’s timing is not necessarily my timing, but it is always perfect. And it’s really difficult to find rest in that truth, but know that you aren’t the only one who wrestles with it. 


So through the craziness of this week, I decided to reinvent the classic Monster Cookie and give it a bit of a healthier twist. Peanut butter, chocolate, oats, and M&M’s are a winning combination for comfort. I know it’s not healthy to eat your feelings, but when it’s a healthier version, it’s okay right?! 

Here is a peek at what the dough should look like before refrigerating. Pretty standard looking dough if you ask me!


Similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in flavor, but balanced with the crunch of the M&M’s, these cookies are sure to be an instant classic. This reinvented version is not your normal monster cookie, because it has oats and white wheat flour in it. However these cookies are still a dessert, so take caution not to eat the whole batch in one sitting. The temptation is very real! Also, these are not going to be the most appealing cookie aesthetically speaking, most oatmeal cookies aren’t. But direct quote from my dad, “I would eat these anyday of the week!”  If my toughest critic approves, I think you will too!






Life can be crazy sometimes. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hope you find strength in the fact that you are not alone. No matter what craziness life throws at you, God sees you and will see you through your present circumstances. Now go make yourself some Monster Cookies!


XO, Kitchy Living 

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