Signed, Sealed, Delivered

April is National Letter Writing Month and to celebrate I’m sharing why we should reclaim the art of letter writing. 

With the invention of email, Facebook, text messaging, and Snapchat, letter writing has been put on the back burner. Why take the time to handwrite your thoughts when you can instantly send someone a quick “I appreciate you” text that doesn’t cost 47 cents (yes, the US Postal Service just dropped the price of stamps from 49 cents to 47 cents)? Well, here’s why:

Letters are inexpensive

47 cents is all you need to start. Well, that and maybe a few dollars to buy a box of cards. But to put that into perspective, in America the average cost of a meal out is $12.75. Americans who regularly buy coffee out spend on average $21/week fueling their caffeine buzz. Sparing a few dollars to brighten someone’s day, that’s priceless. Don’t let money impede you from buying a card. 

Letters are meaningful

When you receive a card from someone, how does that make you feel? Loved? Overjoyed? Remembered? That person put in the time and effort to sit down, write out their thoughts, and send them right to your door. Imagine sharing that feeling with someone else. You can and you should.

Letters are personal

Your handwriting and your stationary make each card uniquely personal. Those thoughts and specific wording are meant just for one person: the recipient. Only they will ever see and experience that card. Unlike a snap on Snapchat that is fleeting and seen by possibly hundreds of people, letters are lasting conversations meant for one.

Letters don’t demand an immediate response

Unlike a text message or email, taking time in between a correspondence is completely socially acceptable. No one will be waiting for your speech bubble to appear or checking your read receipts. You are allowed space and time to think of how you will reply. In a world of instant gratification, this sort of practice is uncommon. Not to say you should wait months to reply back, but taking the time to think of your response and thoughtfully ask the right questions will go a long way for your recipient.

Letters show you are present

Letters take time. Conveying all that you are experiencing where you are while also asking poignant questions to engage your recipient where they are is a time-consuming process. But that time and effort prove you are present. Your letter captures your life at the exact moment you were writing it. You are actively engaging with that person and your sincerity will be well-noted.

Letters build relationships

There is something very intimate about a letter that present day communication can’t convey. Faraway friends and estranged relationships can flourish with the help of a few letters. Ever wonder how some pen pals from childhood end up falling in love years later? Letters build relationships, my friends. Share your heart with someone on paper, and they will likely reciprocate. 


Check out these cute stationery sets (available at Target) to get you back in the snail mail game!


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What are you waiting for? Let’s getting to writing!




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