9 Ways to Cure Your Monday Blues

9 Ways to Cure Your Monday Blues via Kitchy Living #kitchyliving #foodblog #hellomonday #monday #struggleisreal


Mondays are, in a word ROUGH.

To-do lists pile up. Schedules suddenly become packed. Co-workers are grouchy and irritable. All in all, it’s a tough day to take on. Researchers say people typically don’t even smile until 11:16am on Mondays. Crazy, right? But rather than begrudgingly suffering through Mondays every time they roll around (which for someone living 75 years is approximately 3600 Mondays), here are a few tactics to curing your Monday Blues…

1. Plan ahead Sunday night

Pack your lunch for work the night before and fill it with healthy options and a sweet something that will put a spring in your step. Also, plan what you will wear the night before to eliminate an early morning headache. Pick something you feel confident and comfortable in guaranteeing this Monday is gonna be better than the last. 

2. Go to bed early on Sunday

Clocking in 7-9 hours of sleep on Sunday night will boost your mood and energy levels for this week’s Manic Monday. You will be well-rested and feel more vibrant. You may not know just how busy your week may get, so snagging a few extra hours of sleep can only help you. 

3. Make a list

On Sunday night before you hit the hay, write a list of 3 things you are thankful for. Your family, your job, that extra dip of chocolate fro-yo you just ate; whatever it is, just end your day on a positive note. Then Monday morning, look at that list right when you wake up and remember just how blessed you are. Thankfulness is the beginning of joy, and the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). 

4. Eat breakfast

Beginning your day with a hearty meal boosts your metabolism and kicks your energy levels into high gear. Pick items that are full of protein, complex carbs, and satisfaction. Some of my favorite breakfast foods include eggs (omelette, scrambled, my favorite banana/egg concoction, etc), oatmeal, yogurt, avocado toast, and lots of COFFEE.


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5. Crank up the music

Mood-lifting tunes can transform your day from drab to fab. I don’t know about you but anything by Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, or Bieber will get me on my feet and shaking my groove thing. Upbeat music that gets your heart racing and brings a smile to your face will get you motivated to tackle your Monday. Check out my Manic Monday Morning Spotify playlist to get your revved for the work week ahead. 



6. Fit a workout in before work 

This might be a bit of a stretch for some of you, but the earlier you get those endorphins pumping, the better. If you can’t make that 5AM spin class, maybe walk to work or take the stairs in your office building rather than the elevator. Just keep active and get moving, your mind and body will thank you. 

7. Treat yourself to something nice

Do some online shopping/browsing. Eat some chocolate. Buy yourself a latte at your favorite coffeehouse. Go to happy hour with some co-workers. Pick something that will bring you joy, then pull the trigger and do it. Small indulgences won’t kill you, so just be sure not to over do it. Keep your treat within budget and without regrets. 

8. Smile

Each time you smile, you are telling your brain that you are happy. The more you smile, the more you begin to experience the feeling of happiness. And when you smile at other people, the cycle just continues making more people happy. Make an effort to smile throughout your day and see how it changes your mood and the mood of those around you. Fake it till you make it, right?!

9. Take breaks throughout the day

Breaking up your daily tasks with small 5-10 minute breaks can be huge for maintaining your sanity. Find yourself getting frustrated by a certain task or project? Distance yourself for a few minutes by taking a walk or grabbing a bite to eat. Not only will you get some extra steps in for the day, you will also be able to take on that dreaded task with a fresh perspective. 


Feeling better about your work week? I thought so! Remember that Monday’s are disliked by many so you are in good company if you dread them too. The struggles of life are real, but so is God! Rest in that truth and conquer tomorrow with renewed strength and perspective. 






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