ATL Day Trip

April was the month of reunions! Not only did I get to go visit Birmingham, I also got to go to Chattanooga to visit my grandparents and then swing back down through Atlanta for another reunion. Thankfully the driving was spread out over a 11 day period so I didn’t feel like my entire trip was spent in the car. The Atlanta portion of my trip was jam-packed since I only had one day of sightseeing. However, we made sure to make every sight and bite count!

Here is my Atlanta Day Trip Itinerary:

All in all, we came, we saw, and we conquered ATL. 


Coffee at Octane

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Coffee is my life blood. Without it, I would be lacking in energy, personality, and sass. So yes, I need it. We spent the better part of the morning sipping on coffee and enjoying the cool spring weather. I ordered a latte with 2% while my friend Danielle ordered a cappuccino. Smooth and satisfying down to the last drop. 


Brunch at Ria’s Bluebird

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As per ATL Bucket List’s recommendations, we decided to kickstart our reunion at Ria’s Bluebird, located across from Oakland Cemetery in Downtown Atlanta. They’re famous for their pancakes, eggs benedict, and omelette specials which change seasonally. I ordered their Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes with homemade whipped cream. I have this thing for lemon anything, so I had to order them. Their light and fluffy texture offset the richness of flavor from the lemon and whipped cream. I now understand why their pancakes are so wildly popular! I sampled their eggs benedict special as well which at the time was brisket croquettes over asian slaw with two poached eggs and au jus. The tangy zing from the slaw complemented the earthiness of the brisket wonderfully. 



Afternoon Walk along the Beltline

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Photo Credit (Middle): @kixswiss Instagram

 Weather-permitting, a walk along the Beltline is a great way to burn off some of the calories from your latest ATL indulgence. We decided to walk from Krog Street Market to Ponce City Market along the Beltline, and I’m so glad we did. It’s a great way to take in the city without fighting traffic. You’ll be sure to see tons of cyclists, kids, couples, and families all taking in the green space. Don’t miss out on the King of Pops along the way!


Get Lost at Krog Street Market

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Photo Credit (Left, Middle): @krogstmarket Instagram

 Smaller than Ponce City Market and offering more locally-owned restaurants and vendors, Krog Street Market is a family-friendly food hall. From hot dogs to dumplings, they have food stalls that satisfy every taste and budget. My favorite store was The Merchant. They offer unique gifts, stationery, and vintage goods that’ll make you wish you had an excuse to throw a party. I loved the feel of the store and the fact that they curate everything they sell. Definitely worth popping in for a look-see!


Window Shop at Ponce City Market

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 The bigger version of Krog Street Market, just down the road is Ponce City Market. With big name companies like Anthropolgie, J.Crew, Madewell, and Williams Sonoma, you can shop till you drop at some of your favorite chains. But they also house a great selection of locally-owned boutiques, food stalls, and workout studios. Two stories of sights and smells will keep you occupied all afternoon and evening long. 


Dinner at H&F Burger

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Photo Credit (Left, Right): @hfburger Instagram

Word on the street is H&F makes the best burgers in Atlanta. So obviously, I had to try it! Unfortunately though, their famous double cheeseburger costs $12. Yes, you heard me, $12. So I opted for the less expensive version of the original, the single cheeseburger. The burger was delicious. The fries were cooked to perfection. They even make their own ketchup that’s both tasty and tangy. Be prepared to wait a while on the weekends for a spot in their restaurant or for a to-go order. Definitely worth the wait though!


Watch the Braves at Turner Field 

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Take me out to the ball game! You really can’t go wrong with a night of brews and baseball. Finishing off your day trip to Atlanta at Turner Field is the way to go. Despite the fact that a beer costs about as much as a general admission ticket, swing for a brew on your next visit for the full ballpark experience. Although the Braves aren’t doing as well this year as they have in years past, they’re still fun to watch, especially since this season is the team’s last one at Turner Field. Tomahawk Chop, y’all!


Now you’re ready for your next day trip to ATL! These sights and bites are easy on the wallet and will lead to lots of memorable moments. Good luck planning!



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