Healthy Sundae Toppings


Today is #nationalicecreamsundaeday which means gobs of maraschino cherries and oodles of hot fudge are invading social media. Just look up accounts like @buzzfeedfood, @blacktapnyc, or @thrillist on Instagram and you will quickly see that the trend with food is the bigger the better. We are constantly being bombarded by pictures of over-the-top fried foods, burgers, and desserts. When did food become a gluttonous experience? For me, the ultimate goal in the kitchen is to achieve that balance between healthful and flavorful. Using some of my suggestions below, you can enjoy that sundae guilt-free without ever sacrificing taste.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for healthier ICE CREAM!


Graham Cracker — Fresh Fruit — Chocolate Syrup — Shredded Coconut — Mini Chocolate Chips — Nuts — Pretzel M&M’s — Sprinkles 

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The key to keeping these toppings healthy is PORTION CONTROL. Smaller servings of your favorite toppings is how to cut back on wasted calories. If you like chocolate syrup, stick to one Tbsp. If you are a major candy junkie, sprinkle a few not the entire box. Here is a breakdown of some of my favorite toppings choices for health and calories..

1 Tbsp of chocolate syrup — 50 calories, 10g of sugar 

1/3 a bag of pretzel M&M’s — 50 calories, 5g of sugar

1 graham cracker (crushed) — 64 calories, 3.7g of sugar

1 Tbsp mini chocolate chips – 70 calories, 8g of sugar

1 Tbsp peanuts (chopped) – 80 calories, 0g of sugar

1/4 banana – 20 calories, 3.61g of sugar

1/4 Tbsp sprinkles – 20 calories, 2g of sugar

5 strawberries – 19 calories, 2.93g of sugar


Moral of the story is the more you pile on your sundae, the richer and more calorie dense your dessert is going to become. Choose your toppings wisely, add wholesome ingredients like fruits and nuts for guilt-free indulging. Now go fix yourself an ice cream sundae and tame your sweet tooth the healthy way!



Cover photo courtesy of @bostonmagazine Instagram

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