Chocolate Chip Cookies

The All-American classic. Every family has a “secret” recipe for them, when in reality they just follow the Toll House recipe. The goal is to have that ooey gooey inside with a light and crispy outside. For the longest time though, every time I’d make cookies they would end up like little pillows of dough with chocolate chips mixed into them. But guys, making the perfect chocolate chip cookies is so simple. Ridiculously simple actually. So simple, you might hate me after reading this recipe. Okay, let’s hope not, but honestly it’s a cinch. 

Like many of you out there, in the past I only made cookies using the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I thought to myself, why try anything else besides the classic? If it’s good enough for America, then it’s good enough for Sarah Snyder, right? Well, think again. One very important step is left out of their recipe and it changes EVERYTHING. 

So why would Toll House do such a thing? Why would they leave out the crux of their perfect recipe? I think it’s because they selfishly don’t want anyone in America to know their secret. Not anymore!

Here is my take on the classic recipe that takes your cookies from tasty to TASTE SENSATIONAL!

[yumprint-recipe id=’18’] 

These cookies are the ultimate form of comfort food. Anytime I’m missing home, stressed, or feeling nostalgic, these little gems seem to work their magic and bring me sweet sweet relief. Here’s to hoping they bring you a bit of happiness too!



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