Coffee Shops of Knoxville

After finishing my first quarter of PA school in Knoxville, I can safely say I’ve been to a few coffee shops. What I’ve learned from frequenting them is that not all coffee shops are created equal. Some are better for studying, some are better for socializing. However the common denominator is that they better have some dang good coffee.

Here are a few of my favorite coffee shops in Knoxville…

Wild Love Bakehouse

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 Located on N Central in Downtown Knoxville, Wild Love is one of my all time favorite coffee shops in Knoxville. With tons of natural light, it makes for a great space to study, socialize, or people watch. They not only serve great drip coffee and espresso drinks, they also bake up a storm. Pastries, flatbreads, quiches, cookies, pies. You name it, they probably bake it! On a weekend morning, this place does a banging business so get there early to snag a table.


K Brew

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 Now offering two location across Knoxville (N. Broadway & Market St.), K Brew is the typical hipster coffee shop. White walls, small menu, seasonal specialties…But they are one of my favorites because of their baristas. Every time I’ve visited the N. Broadway location, I’ve been greeted the minute I walk through the door. They don’t pressure you to make a snap decision on your drink (I mean if I’m gonna dole out $5 for a latte, I better get what I want, right?). Also, their N. Broadway location has rope swings INSIDE. Nuf said, this place is a gem.



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 Next door to Knoxville’s famous Maker’s Donuts is Remedy Coffee. Pour over, cold brew, French press, or in-house brewed: they do it all. Once again, small menu, white walls, with a few seasonal specialty lattes. Love the coffee here, but I wouldn’t suggest coming here to study. This is a great place to meetup with friends or socialize, but because of the size of the interior, sounds tend to echo and cause it to get loud fast. Also, I’ve come a few times and had to leave because the music was turned up a tad too loud. All that said, they create killer coffee that deserves your attention.


Old City Java

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 Old City Java is located in, you guessed it, Knoxville’s Old City. Across the street from Good Golly Tamale and a few buildings down from Oli Bea, Old City Java is an eclectic shop that roasts Counter Culture Coffee (a favorite of many coffee connoisseurs). Without a doubt they serve the strongest latte in town. Rich in espresso flavor with just the right amount of milk and foam. The interior of the shop is full of old windows and doors and the ceiling is painted like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night. It’s a great space for studying, but my only reservation about going there is parking. Hoping that they can secure some free parking in the new year.



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SPERO Coffee dedicates themselves to being a company “responsible spiritually, socially, and fiscally.” Serving up coffee that’s fresh, fair-trade, and mission minded, SPERO is a unique coffee experience. Located in Farragut’s West End Plaza just off of Kingston Pike, they are sort of unassuming on the outside. But once you step inside, you are instantly put at ease by the fun decor, rich coffee aromas, and kind staff.


Vienna Coffee Company

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 Technically, Vienna Coffee Company isn’t really in Knoxville, it’s actually in Maryville, TN. However, it’s only a quick trip from the city and a gorgeous drive when the seasons are changing because you drive right through the mountains. I love this place because it’s massive, has tons of tables to spread out for studying or socializing, the staff is friendly, and they roast their own coffee. Yes indeed, light or dark, whole or ground, Vienna serves us an array of coffee choices that they themselves roast. Supporting local never tastes so good! One of my favorite things to order off their menu for those intensely long study days is their bottomless cup of coffee. Keeps me going strong all day long. 




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