Meal Prep a la Simon Hall

Life is crazy, y’all.

Finding the time to go to class, study, eat well, workout, sleep, go to church, and somehow remain sane is tougher than I ever could have imagined. Living life as a PA student is really challenging. Time is so fleeting and precious, so spending it at the grocery store or meal prepping can prove to be more of a burden than a break from the chaos. I have to be incredibly intentional to make meals ahead of time if I want to eat nutritious foods that are gonna feed my body in all the best ways.

We live in a world that thrives off of convenience, whether it’s grocery delivery or meal subscription services, we live for anything that is gonna save time in our busy schedules. Introducing, meal prep by the talented Simon Hall of Knoxville, TN!


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The idea behind their services: to equip the people of Knoxville and Nashville with healthful food and event services ranging from weekly meal prep to weddings.


When I was approached by their social media manager, I had no idea how good this experience was gonna be. A week’s worth of dinners including Margherita Cauliflower Pizza, Grilled Chicken Tenders with Roasted Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Onions, and Curried Sweet Potato Soup. Excuse me, did I just sign up for healthy, pre-made, gourmet meals delivered right to my door?!?

I believe I did. And there is no going back!


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Check out his weekly meal offerings on their webpage and Facebook, and sign up for their weekly meal drop so you can stay afloat with what new dishes Simon is whipping up…

Simon Hall Private Chef – Webpage

Simon Hall- Facebook



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