Have you ever considered the amount of chemicals that you are exposed to on a daily basis?


The products we buy.

The cars we drive

The foods we eat.

The homes we live in.

We are constantly being exposed to a variety of noxious chemicals that negatively affect our health. But what can you actively do to eliminate those toxins?

Buying organic produce and being conscious of what cleaning products you use in your home are all great places to start. However, what about the makeup and beauty products you use on your face. Have you ever wondered what may be lurking inside your facial cleanser or favorite lip gloss?

Check out this video to hear more about the Beautycounter difference, a company that is reinventing the way we look at healthy beauty.



Beauty products on the American market that we have used and trusted for decades are packed with ingredients that could be linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes like cancer and reproductive issues. American’s legislation has only banned 30 chemicals being actively used in the beauty industry, while the European Union has banned over 250. In the United States, the beauty industry is failing to provide healthier options for those concerned with their greater health and well being.

As many of you probably know, the skin is the body’s largest organ comprising approximately 10% of our body mass. Our dermal layers absorb outside chemicals at different rates depending on their location on the body. This is largely dependent on the stratum corneum of the skin, which is the outermost layer of skin (see figure below). As you can see, your lips are an easy entrance for harmful chemicals into your body because of how thin the stratum corneum is relative to other areas of the body.

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And learning that the products we’ve been using for decades are actually predisposing us to cancer and a variety of other health problems is extremely concerning.

That’s where Beautycounter saves the day!

I no longer have to worry about what’s inside my skin and suncare products.

I no longer need to spend copious hours researching what harmful chemicals I need to avoid.

They take the guess work out of healthy beauty!

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With products ranging from sunscreen to cream blush, lipstick to charcoal bars, they have everything you need for healthy skin and suncare.

So how are you going to choose to take care of your body?

How are you going to respect your body from the outside in?

I think Beautycounter is a great place to start!




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