Hello Fresh

Meal prep? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Amidst the hustle and bustle that is life, certain activities tend to get trumped by more important tasks. Tidying the house weekly, keeping the refrigerator stocked, remembering to get your car’s oil changed…Things just slip through the cracks because other responsibilities take precedence.

Hello Fresh is a fabulous option for people who enjoy cooking but hate the hassle of grocery shopping. They give you portion-controlled options for 2 to 4 people with 3 to 4 recipes/week. You choose the recipes that sound tantalizing to you and you get all the necessary ingredients delivered RIGHT to your door. The only thing you have to bring to the table is an appetite!

My only beef with Hello Fresh was that the portions tend to be large, which most people wouldn’t complain about, but as a single girl cooking for una persona it can be hard to eat it all.


My picks from last week:

Southwestern Steak Tacos
with Kiwi Avocado Salsa

[envira-gallery id=”3057″]

[envira-gallery id=”3069″]



Cauliflower Panchetta Mac & Cheese

[envira-gallery id=”3061″]



Cherry-Drizzled Pork Chops
with Tomato Shallot Couscous Salad

[envira-gallery id=”3064″]

[envira-gallery id=”3071″]



The recipes are insane!
Flavor combinations are phenomenal
Easy to assemble
Wide variety of hearty and healthy options



Portion-sizes are huge


Overall, I love the company and love their mission of offering healthy dinner prep to busy families. Meal delivery services are changing the way we do dinner, and I think in many ways they fit into the American lifestyle perfectly. Check out their webpage for more details on package options and pricing using the link below… https://www.hellofresh.com/tasty/food-boxes/


Bon apetit!



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