My name is Sarah Brown, but most of you probably know me as Kitchy Living

Physician Assistant

I’m a 27-year old who loves arcane words, giant cups of coffee, kitchen experimenting, and being in healthcare. Jesus is my rock, organization is my favorite past time, and my husband is my best friend. I’m an NCCPA board-certified Physician Assistant and am maneuvering my way through adulthood. I hope to use this platform as an outlet for health, wellness, indulgence, lifestyle, and faith posts that will apply to people in every stage of life. My goal is that the contents of this blog enrich and empower you to be
more ADVENTUROUS in the kitchen,
more INTENTIONAL in relationships,
more FAITHFUL in your spiritual walk,
and more MINDFUL with everything in-between.

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement Miss Polly! It’s a fun journey with the Lord leading the way


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