Tomorrow, tomorrow. I’ll love ya tomorrow. You’re only a day away.

In less than 24 hours, I will be sitting in a classroom of 85 students beginning this next chapter of my journey to becoming a healthcare professional. For almost fours years now, I have been working toward becoming a Physician Assistant. Accomplishing the necessary prerequisites, obtaining the patient care hours, sending in applications, interviewing at numerous schools, just to wait for that glorious acceptance. Now the hard work begins.

I’ll be back sitting in classrooms absorbing copious amounts of information, but honestly I couldn’t be more stoked. Yes, I’m nervous. Yes, I’m terrified. But I’m also at peace, because I know God has me swaddled in the palms of His almighty hands. Each step of this journey marks provision after provision. Each time I’ve questioned the waiting, the uncertainty, or the timing, God quickly shows me that He is in control. 

On a recent solo hike I took on the Forks in the River trail near Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, I prayed. I prayed real hard that God would give me a word to cling to in these next few stressful months starting PA school. I prayed that He would show me all my worries are folly because of this one word. The word He gave me was FOLLOW.

My frets are foolish compared to His almighty provisions. Each time I stress, feel I’m in over my head, or think I’m just not smart enough to make it, my prayer is that He reminds me to FOLLOW Him. He meticulously planned each step along this great adventure, all He asks of me is to FOLLOW His plans. He compels each of us to FOLLOW His will above all. We don’t ever have to forge our own path or blaze our own trails. God has already prepared perfect plans that bring us into closer community with Him and ultimately give Him the glory. He is our trailblazer. 

Me being a PA is great. However, me being a PA for me, myself, and I is folly. God has called me to be a PA for Him and His glory alone. God has called you to a specific job too. Whether it’s wood working or nursing, finance or physical therapy, He knows your giftings and has a plan that will showcase them, stretch you, and bring you into deeper communion with the Creator that gave you those giftings. 

As I begin to pack up my backpack, gather my pens and pencils, and meal plan for the week ahead, join me in giving thanks for the fact that God calls us. Each of us. And that when we reach the place where we know our job callings and are living in those callings, that we continue to FOLLOW Christ’s commands over our lives. He has already blazed the trails, we need only follow them and live in the mystery of each new discovery He has prepared for us. 

Point of reference: Because I start school tomorrow, that also means I may not be posting as often or as regularly on the blog. My apologies in advance. That being said, please pray for me 🙂

I seriously could not have gotten here today without the support, prayers, love, and confidence of so many people. God has truly paved the way for me to be here in Knoxville starting PA school. Thank you to all those who prayed for me during the application process, now my hope is that you all would continue to lift me and my classmates up in prayer over the next 27 months of didactic and clinic rotations. With special attention for patience, diligence, trust, and stamina. 

Now, let’s do this thing!

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