What a whirlwind of change and growth this past year has been. Thinking back to where I was this time in 2015, I remember feeling overwhelmed by my future. I remember feeling a sense of hopelessness. I was working overtime on the regular and never felt like I was going to get into PA school. My vision was clear, but my circumstances weren’t panning out like I’d pictured. But God had something up his sleeve…


Little did I know that 2016 was gonna

be one of my favorite years to date.


I traveled to NYC, Denver, Birmingham, Savannah, ATL, & Chattanooga

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Got accepted into PA school in May

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Left my hometown of Charleston

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Moved to Knoxville in August

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Started PA school in October

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And successfully completed my Q1 in December

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My dreams of becoming a Physician Assistant are slowly but surely coming to fruition. I wasn’t always patient in the waiting, but God provided every step of this journey. He provided a job for me in the ER to gain experience in the medical field. He provided a year of living with my parents to save money before flying the coop for Knoxville. He provided roommates in Knoxville who love the Lord and constantly point me back to the cross. He provided classmates in grad school who encourage me, make me laugh til I cry, and bless me beyond words. He provided a built-in community in Knoxville of extended family and old friends. He provided professors who are passionate about their profession and sincerely care for me and my classmates’ success. He PROVIDES.


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This year I am immensely thankful for the ways in which I’ve grown and continue to grow.

Looking with anticipation toward 2017, I’ve decided not to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. I always seem to forget about them by March and feel guilty for not keeping up with them by December. So this year, I decided to create a single goal/mantra.


My goal is this: to live intentionally and simply


Now what exactly does that look like day-to-day? To me it means, not to fret over the little things but to embrace the bigger picture. To practice what I preach and live without excess. To eat to live and not to live to eat. To intentionally be the hands and feet of Christ each and every day. To use my vocation as a conduit to sharing the gospel.

2016 was a kick butt year for me. I’m so grateful for the lessons learned, bumps in the road traveled, and triumphs celebrated. But I’m also excited to see what 2017 holds and to see how God uses me as an instrument of His truth to give himself the glory!



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