Things I learned about myself this year:

I’m a Type 1 Enneagram
I am capable of more than I ever dreamt
Vulnerability and patience are my forever struggles
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Looking back on the events of this past year, I am overwhelmed with words and emotions. Recently I’ve found myself scrolling through the pictures in my phone’s camera roll reminiscing over the events of the past 12 months. I am astounded by the amount of change, adventure, struggle, joy, and hope that took place during those 365 days.

Started the new year in Denver, CO with my sister and brother-in-law on my first clinical rotation of didactic: Psychiatry. Learned to cross-country ski. Said “I love you” to the man I am now engaged to marry.

Started my Women’s Health rotation. Spent my first Valentine’s day in a relationship. Went indoor rock climbing. Did some Great Smoky Mountain exploring.

Took my boyfriend home for the weekend in Charleston, SC. Was a bridesmaid in a one of my friend from college’s wedding. Found out I had an ovarian cyst that required surgical removal.

Went to Louisville, KY for Easter with Cary’s family. Celebrated my 6 month anniversary with Cary by climbing to Clingman’s Dome (recreated our first date). Celebrated my 25th birthday.

Had laparoscopic surgery for my ovarian cyst and got diagnosed with endometriosis.
Learned that I am way better at being a practitioner than I am a patient.

Had the most extravagant double date dinner at Blackberry Farm. Hung out with my family in Charleston, SC. Started my Emergency Medicine clinical rotation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Went to the beach in Charleston for the first time with my guy. Finished my ER rotation. Reunited with my Foxy Knoxies!

Started my general surgery rotation. Vacationed in North Carolina with family. Found out I was going to be an aunt to a baby GIRL! Saw Taylor Swift live for the third time.

Asheville day trip to Sierra Nevada. Climbed Charlies Bunion. Started my Internal Medicine rotation. Went to Maryland for a family wedding.

Baby shower for my sister in Charleston, SC. Said goodbye to the legacy of the Foxy Knoxies. Celebrated one year of dating Cary Brown by going to an Oh Hellos concert at the Bijou Theater.

Started my elective rotation in Family Medicine. Went to Atlanta for a girl’s weekend. Last baby shower before niece’s arrival. Traveled to Augusta for Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family. Learned how to plan Settler’s of Catan.

Became an aunt to the most beautiful angel I’ve ever laid eyes on: Miss Elizabeth Frances Miller. Finished PA school. GOT ENGAGED to CARY BROWN, my very best friend! Graduated with a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Went to my roommate’s wedding in Greenville, SC.

What an incredible year of growth, hope, accomplishments, and joy. Writing posts like this reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for in this life. God has truly blessed me! Here’s to 2019 being just as amazing!

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