billie razor

When it comes to beauty products, I consider myself choosy. I am always on the hunt for budget-friendly options that use cleaner ingredients and aren’t a lot of fuss. If it requires a lot of maintenance, I’m out. That’s one of the many reasons I love my billie razor!


The billie razor Starter Kit is ONLY $9. Most drugstore razors are around that price if not more, but the difference lies in the longevity of each razor cartridge. I get more shaves out of each razor blade, because it stays sharp and doesn’t dull quickly, which helps me save money over time. Each replacement pack is $9 and comes with 4 razor blades cartridges.

Subscribe & Forget

These days there are subscription services for just about everything under the sun: wine, tampons, coffee, clothing… So when I joined billie’s monthly subscription, I was really excited that I wasn’t required to get shipments every month or spend a certain amount of money every month. I decide when I get shipments and how frequently I receive them. I can cancel shipments at any time and their subscription service doesn’t have any extra or hidden fees. Major perk: free shipping with every subscription order of razor blades replacements!


Billie razors are composed of 5 blades encased with 360 degrees of charcoal shave soap. Charcoal is a natural exfoliant often used to treat dry, cracked skin. It provides a smooth glide and a clean shave with every use. Also, the magnetic holder that comes with the starter kit keeps your razor in prime condition free of shower puddles. The creators behind billie seriously thought of everything! But their shave cream is really the cherry on top. It lathers on your skin just as smooth as butter and a little dab goes a long way. Because it’s non-aerosol, you can easily travel with it and it’s made without parabens or synthetic fragrances so it won’t irritate your skin. With ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, sage, and grapefruit, their shave cream nourishes, conditions, and smoothes your skin for a post-shave glow. Have I convinced you to buy one yet?

By Women, For Women

The best part about this company is that it was created by women for women. Most American shave companies were founded by men hence the steep prices and disconnect for functionality. That’s why billie was founded: to provide quality shaving supplies FOR women. And did I mention they are huge advocates against the Pink Tax? #topplethepatriarchy They even give out rebates to customers who spread the word on social media, because they believe so vehemently that women shouldn’t be paying more just because they have two X chromosomes.

Follow my link and get your Pink Tax Rebate TODAY!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out their website and snag a billie Starter Kit today! I have gotten so many of my friends hooked on this incredible company over the past year for good reason. If you have any questions about any of their products, feel free to reach out. Now get to getting and give billie a go!

Check out this quick demo of the billie razor magnetic mount that comes with every Starter Kit purchase. No more funky razors after accidentally leaving it in shower puddles. This mount will keep your razor in tip-top condition forever and always amen.

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