College Grad Gift Guide


It’s an interesting time to be a graduate. Fortunately, not even a global pandemic can stop people from graduating. Despite the unconventional way that graduation ceremonies have played out this year, graduates still deserve all the pomp and circumstance. All the hard work, late nights, and perseverance brought them to this finish line.

So I compiled a few gifts that I think any graduate would love to receive! From coffee pots to luggage to booze, there is something for Him and Her. Hope this helps you narrow your search for the perfect gift!

20 Great Gifts for the College Graduate

1. Coordinates Cuff Bracelet
2. Leather AirPods Case
3. Kate Spade Watch
4. Kindle Paperwhite
5. M&G Zipper Pouch
6. Smeg Coffee Maker
7. Away Luggage Set
8. Yeti Insulated Wine Glass
9. Amazon Echo Dot
10. Weighted Blanket
11. Rising Strong – Brene Brown
12. The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
13. The Defining Decade – Meg Jay
14. M&G Leather Moneyclip Wallet
15. Michael Kors Watch
16. M&G AirPods Case
17. Mixology Kit
18. Double Old Fashioned Glasses
19. Something Strong
20. Record Player

SIDE NOTE: The price ranges for these gifts vary anywhere from $10-$200. So if budget is something you want to be mindful of, you came to the right place. You don’t have to spend a fortune on someone to convey your pride in them. Know that a thoughtful gift is the best kind of gift!

And in the spirit of celebrating graduation season, here are a few snapshots of my college graduation (Samford University, 2015) and PA school graduation (South College, 2018)!

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