Ice Roller Benefits

I’ve always loved skincare.

At one point in PA school, I even considered going into dermatology. The beauty of being a physician assistant is that you can work and practice in any number of fields and specialties during your career, but for now I am quite content working in the emergency department.

Curious question: do you know how much the beauty industry is worth? In 2019, the American beauty industry was valued at $532 billion and counting. It’s an industry that’s flourishing! Consumers long for products that are going to give them a quick fix. Whether it’s a more youthful glow, less wrinkles, better coverage, or anti-aging properties, we will likely spend whatever we have to for the results we want. However, I can’t afford to spend my paycheck on beauty products. I have a budget, as I’m sure many of you reading this do too. So when I find budget-friendly products that are clean, easy-to-use, and show marked results, I’m here for it. And when I found this device, I knew I had to share it.

I have no chill about facial rollers! Mine has become a favorite part of my AM routine. I originally came across them on Instagram Stories a couple months ago when I was scrolling through Cristin Cooper’s account. She always has great advice on beauty devices, and for the price, I decided I had to give it a go. I ALWAYS wake up with a puffy face. I struggle with seasonal allergies and it shows up on my face. So when I did more research and saw the benefits, I knew it was time to try it.

Reduced Puffiness

Let’s start with some anatomy! Your lymphatic system is an intricate network of tissues and organs that help eliminate the body’s toxins and waste. You may have heard of lymphatic massage as its grown in popularity over the past couple years. It helps promote the body’s natural inflammatory response. This is essentially a lymphatic massage for your face! It reduces puffiness by increasing blood flow to your lymphatic ducts and promoting its natural drainage. Not only does it feel incredible in the morning, it’s also good for you!

Smaller Looking Pores

This isn’t rocket science, but the cold temperature of the roller temporarily reduces the size and appearance of pores. Even if it’s only a fleeting benefit, it would be worth it in the AM when you begin your day.

#nofilter Pores are minimized on right compared to left.

Defined Jaw Line

Around your jaw line and neck are chains of lymph nodes. These include your submandibular, submental, and cervical chains. By applying pressure and temperature in repeated motions, you are essentially promoting drainage of these chains which leads to a more defined jaw line. Badda-bing badda-boom!

Decreased Inflammatory Response

If you’re living with an inflammatory or autoimmune disorder like psoriasis, RA, lupus, acne, or rosacea, this could be of benefit to you specifically. Your body is in a constant state of war with its own tissues which causes a release of cytokines and immune cells which then trigger heat, redness, swelling, and often pain. That’s why autoimmune and inflammatory disorders can be so devastating to deal with day-in and day-out. But by increasing lymphatic flow, you’re decreasing the inflammatory response. 

Provisional Benefits

Less research has been done in these particular areas, but it can still provide symptomatic benefit for sunburns, muscle aches, and headaches. I’ve been getting headaches a lot more frequently since coronavirus (I think it’s because of all the mask-wearing). But using an ice roller as a temporary fix truly helps!

The one I use is from Vanity Planet, and I was able to snag it for 30%. However, they often sell out because the demand is so high, so some other options I found are on Amazon. They’re affordable and have great reviews! Below are a few of my top picks…


Ice Roller FAQ

How do you clean an ice roller?
Grab a cotton ball and dip it in rubbing alcohol. After using your ice roller, simply clean it with the cotton ball and let dry before sticking back in the freezer.

What’s the proper technique?
First things first, do it in the morning. Your skin is most puffy after waking, and this device will help energize your skin. Wash your face and apply your daily skincare routine. I like to cleanse and moisturize. Then using upward strokes, apply pressure to the areas that need the most love. My face, under-eyes, jaw line, and neck are the areas I like to target. Roll for 5-10 minutes. Set a timer on your phone and roll with it!

If I’m breaking out currently, is it bad to use an ice roller?
No, ice rollers help to combat inflammation. So using an ice roller while you’re having a breakout or inflammatory response is good therapy for your skin. Just be sure to always clean your roller after each use.

If you snag one, let me know what you think!
I’d love to hear how ice rolling is changing your morning routine!

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