Today’s the first day in June 2020, so what better way to think and reflect over the past month of May and quarantine season than by doing a Q&A!

Q: What was a moment of celebration in May?
A: We were able to pay off and work towards paying off a couple of larger loans we have. Not the most glamorous “celebration,” but because I’ve had a bit of overtime pay and we haven’t been doing as much extraneous spending, we were able to pay off some lingering debt. God provides y’all, and this is evidence to that!

Q: Name something you’re reconsidering as a result of the last 30 days.
A: I’ve been reconsidering my responsibility in the fight against racial injustice. I talk about this more in my post “Check Your Privilege,” where I discuss how the Lord has been nudging me to listen to the oppressed, to amplify their stories, to educate myself in the history of this narrative, and to not remain silent any longer. Racial injustice is not a political issue, it’s a social issue and my spiritual beliefs are prompting me to take action.

Q: What’s one thing you’d like to start doing in June?
A: Getting dressed and ready for the day on my days off. Quarantine has made me pretty lazy with my appearance. I wear scrubs for work, athleisure to go out in, and lounge clothes at home. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress or jeans, and that sorta makes me sad. I need to be more intentional about getting dressed up, putting on makeup, and feeling like myself. Maybe it will bring me a sense of normalcy.

Q: What’s something you’re looking forward to in June?
A: Next month is our ONE year wedding anniversary! It’s truly hard for me to believe that Cary and I have been married for that long, and yet I also feel like we’ve been married forever. We’re hoping to take a weekend away to celebrate this landmark and revel in all the Lord has taught us over the past year.

Q: What’s a recipe you’ve been loving lately?
A: Kale Kouture’s Cake Batter Bites! 4 ingredients, super rich and moist. My husband and I have been devouring them! It’s like a brownie and cake had a baby and Cake Batter Bites were born. Highly recommend trying this recipe this summer!

Q: What’s the best book you’ve read this year so far?
Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons. This book was balm for my weary soul! Full of stories that exemplify what it looks like to live purposefully and peacefully in a world ridden with stress and anxiety. Rebekah focuses on four vital rhythms (Rest, Restore, Connect, and Create) that can help to recapture the joy amidst the chaos.
Some other books I’ve love recently are You Are the Girl for the Job by Jess Connolly and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

Q: Have you learned how to do anything new recently?
I’ve been learning how to be a good plant mom! It’s not the cheapest hobby, but it’s fun learning what each plant needs and how it can thrive. My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is sprouting new growth, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Q: What are you watching lately?
As of late, I’ve been watching The Crown (just finished season 3 last night ), Outer Banks, Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, Waco, Riverdale, Jack Ryan, and Cheer.

Q: Have you had any amazing (or terrible) purchases over the past couple of months?
Honestly, my husband and I have been quite frugal with our money since quarantine. We’ve been diligently paying off debt, which I’d say is an amazing purchase, because we’re buying financial peace. However, the biggest investment in upping my coffee game has been this milk frother from Amazon! Every cup tastes like a silky latte and for less than $15, it’s a steal.

Q: Do you have a favorite new-to-you Instagram account?
A: Indeed, I have quite a few I’m loving right now!
@louellareese – style and home finds, based in NC
@kalekouture – recipes, Amazon finds, life hacks!
@target_cheer – IYKYK, Target is everything!
@beabridgebuilder – incredible racial injustice resource
@madfit.ig – great resource for upbeat workouts
@madeline_moves – weight training workouts, not to mention she loves Jesus!

Q: What’s the Lord been teaching you this past month?
May has been a tough month overall. I’ve found myself feeling a lot of anger, betrayal, loneliness, and confusion. Honestly, it’s just been an emotional month. I hit a wall this month having to deal with COVID-19 at work, with family, and at church, and began feeling deep bitterness about it all. As an Enneagram One, I like to think that there are solutions to every problem. But I’ve felt pretty helpless in regards to finding a solution. The Lord has been bringing me closer to himself and teaching me that I don’t have to do anything except keep showing up, keep going to work, keep healing people in His name, and He will bring this pandemic to an end. HE IS IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS!

Now it’s your turn!
Use these questions to guide your goals for the month ahead.

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