TV Shows I’m Loving

In the spirit of quarantine, we’re all spending way too much time watching TV. I mean there are only so many home improvement projects and books a person can read before you end up resorting to some mindlessness. So, I decided it’s time to share my favorite TV shows to date. We are all learning to social distance and learn a new normal, but I’m almost 100% sure that my “new normal” involves binging on Netflix TV shows. So here are my favorite TV shows! Some are on Netflix, some are on Hulu, some aren’t available anywhere by on DVD. But regardless, these are my favorites and I hope maybe this will inspire you to start a new series.

The Crown
Designated Survivor
Down To Earth
Downton Abbey
Fuller House
Gilmore Girls
Gossip Girl
The Great British Baking Show
Grey’s Anatomy
Jack Ryan
Love Is Blind
Married at First Sight
The Movies That Made Us
The Nanny
New Girl
The Office
Our Planet
Outer Banks
Parks and Recreation
Pretty Little Liars
Say I Do
Selling Sunset
Stranger Things
That 70’s Show
Tiny House Nation
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

What shows are you currently binging on?
Comment your favorite TV shows below!

2 thoughts on “TV Shows I’m Loving

  1. What a good list! Hart of Dixie and Virgin River are good, too! Similar storylines. We also love Schitt’s Creek-power through the first few episodes and then it gets really good!


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