I Got 99 Problems But a Face Mask Ain’t One

This may be a controversial post given how our country has responded to COVID, but I’m not afraid to push the envelope on this topic. As more and more states begin to implement mandatory face mask orders, I think it may be a good idea to share why face masks are medically preventative and where you can buy some for yourself. There are quite a few retailers selling non-medical face masks at affordable prices. Not to mention, they’re v cute! I might be getting a few for myself to rock while grocery shopping or running errands. Who knew that this would be the accessory of 2020!

Benefits of Face Masks

It is still very early in our understanding of COVID-19, however the CDC is diligently monitoring and studying this complex virus. We don’t have a cure or a vaccine readily available to the general public yet, but we do know that preventative measures can be taken to reduce the spread of transmission and infection. These measures being proper hand washing, social distancing, and face masks. Because medical-grade face masks are currently being reserved for healthcare workers and medical first responders, cloth face masks are the next best thing.

COVID-19 causes asymptomatic and symptomatic infection meaning that some people with the virus may or may not have symptoms upon initial transmission. By wearing a face mask, you are protecting yourself in public places. But you are also preventing the spread of the virus to your neighbor if you are in-fact an asymptomatic carrier. Wearing a face mask is a simple and selfless way to protect your community.

Why I Wear a Face Mask

1. Humility

I don’t know if I have COVID. Many people are COVID-positive and asymptomatic. The least I can do is reduce the spread by wearing a mask and protecting those around me from me.

2. Concern

You don’t know the stories of those around you. They may have children, an elderly parent, or may they themselves be dealing with cancer. When you’re at the grocery store, post office, or hair salon, wear a mask out of concern for your neighbor.

3. Community

I care about my city. I want my neighbors to have job security. I want our churches and small businesses to thrive. Keep your community healthy too by wearing a mask.

The Difference Types of Masks

Information from JustNebulizers.com

The Top Accessory of 2020

Non-Medical Face Masks

ONE. Nordstrom LOVE CHANGES 5-Pack – $30
TWO. Nordstrom LOST + WANDER 3-Pack – $30
THREE. Vera Bradley – $8
FOUR. Anthropologie Amadi Gingham – $14
FIVE. Anthropologie Amadi Around-the-Head 2-Pack – $24
SIX. Old Navy 5-Pack – $12.50
SEVEN. Old Navy 10-Pack – $25
EIGHT. Gap 3-Pack – $15
NINE. Gap 8-Pack – $36
TEN. Athleta Everyday 5-Pack – $30
ELEVEN. Etsy Rose – $5.99
TWELVE. Etsy Mauve – $7
THIRTEEN. Etsy Tie Dye 3-Pack – $24.99
FOURTEEN. Nisolo Beige 3-Pack – $39
FIFTEEN. Urban Outfitters 2-Pack – $18
SIXTEEN. Urban Outfitters Striped – $8
SEVENTEEN. Banana Republic 3-Pack – $15
EIGHTEEN. Banana Republic 3-Pack – $15

Are you still wearing a face mask in public places?
Where do you buy face masks?

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