Nightfood Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a bowl of ice cream after a long day! My husband and I love eating ice cream together at the end of the day. It’s become our little sacred ritual. But if I’m being honest, sometimes ice cream makes my stomach upset. Because it’s rich in sugar, fat, and dairy, it isn’t always the wisest choice to make right before you go to bed. But then I happened upon Nightfood Ice Cream!

Formulated with Better Sleep in Mind

Nightfood is the only ice cream on the market created by sleep and nutrition experts. So by making their ice cream with less sugar, more protein, and no artificial sweeteners, they were able to create a more healthy midnight snack. I mean if you’re gonna eat ice cream, you might as well be eating one that’s healthier for you.

DISCLAIMER: Nightfood does not contain drugs or sleep aides.
It’s just specially formulated for a healthier nighttime routine!


After Dinner Mint Chip
Bed and Breakfast
Cherry Eclipse
Cold Brew Decaf
Cookies N’ Dreams
Full Moon Vanilla
Midnight Chocolate
Milk & Cookie Dough
Pickles for Two

Calling All Pregnant Mommas

If you’re pregnant, Nightfood has a deal for you! Click on the link and get TWO FREE pints of Nightfood ice cream just because! Moms literally bring life into this world, the least we can do is say thank you with FREE ice cream. Nightfood even has a flavor called Pickles For Two, a pickle-flavored ice cream to tame those crazy pregnancy cravings! And fun fact, Nightfood is the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association (APA)! Who knew they had an official ice cream!

You ready to give Nightfood a try?

Click on the picture below and try a pint for FREE!

1. Buy a pint of Nightfood from your local retailer
2. Upload your receipt for cash back
3. The full price paid will be sent to you PayPal account for easy transfer

Or order directly from their website!

DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link, therefore each purchase YOU make helps support me!
I may blog for fun, but I also have a full-time job and student loans, so every little bit counts.

I blog about products because I love them, and I want you guys to love them too! So let it be known, I’m not gonna support products and brands I can’t get behind. If I don’t support their mission or don’t like their taste, they aren’t making it to the blog. And it’s no different with Nightfood Ice Cream! I love their products and support their mission in creating healthier options for us midnight snackers. So go grab yourself a pint today, you deserve it!

Have you ever tried Nightfood?
What are your favorite ice cream flavors?

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