5 Tips for Long-Distance Friendships

This year we’ve had to reinvent what community and communication looks like.
So I’m sharing 5 tips on how to remain steadfast in your long-distance friendships, even in 2020!

1. Check in (phone calls, video chats)

Nothing gives me joy like gabbing on the phone with a friend. I love talking with my husband, but talking with a girlfriend makes you feel known and understood. So next time you have some downtime, call up your BFF from high school or college and check in. We live crazy lives and often fail to prioritize long-distance friendships, but calling to catch up can be so life-giving.

2. Send snail mail

Receiving a letter in the mail is such a foreign concept these days. Few people do it, so when you actually receive something in the mail, it’s the biggest day-maker. Write a quick note of encouragement. Share a funny story that happened to you this week. Or simply say how much you miss them. Whatever you share will be sure to brighten their day. Also you’ll be supporting the postal service with every letter that you send!

3. Schedule reunions

It may be challenging to figure this out with everyone’s schedules, but if you plan far enough in advance, then you’ll have a 99.9% chance of making it happen. My friend group from college hasn’t had a reunion in AGES and it’s killing me. But we’ve had the occasional bach weekend, wedding, and impromptu trip to keep us seeing each other. Whether it’s a mountain retreat or a beach weekend, pick a locale that’s semi-accessible to everyone invited and plan away.

4. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries

Nothing says “I love you” like remembering someone’s birthday or anniversary. So celebrate even if you can’t be together in person! Send a gift or card in the mail to let them know you recognize how important this day is to them.

5. Never be afraid to reach out!

If you wanna talk, then talk! Don’t ever be afraid to ask or just call. The worst thing they can do is not answer. If they’re busy, then they’re busy. But if you’re itching to catchup, sometimes scheduling a time in advance leads to more success and follow-through. We love to be known, and our lifelong friends are the ones who know us best.

How do you nurture long-distance friendships?

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