KL Gift Guide 2020: Hostess Gifts

Rule #539 in Southern Hospitality: Don’t ever forget the hostess gift!

As a born and raised Southerner, hospitality rules were ingrained into me from a very young age. And hostess gifts are definitely one of those rules. In the age of COVID though, homemade treats are considered off limits. I mean you are more than welcome to create homemade desserts for all your neighbors, but in light of where I work, I want to be as mindful as I can. So here are a few ideas for what to bring to your next socially-distance holiday function that are COVID-friendly and KL-approved!

Peppermint Bark TinColumbus Charcuterie Sampler
Pumpkin Spice CandleCardamom Spice CandleMulling SpicesFig Orange Spread
PanettoneWalker’s Mini Shortbread FingersMarble Cutting Board
Very Merry CocktailsRaw Acacia Honeycomb

What are your favorite hostess gifts?

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