KL Gift Guide 2020: Seniors

When it comes to shopping for the seniors in your life (aka grandparents, great aunts/uncles, elderly neighbors), practicality is paramount. Seniors love items that bring them comfort and ease. So when it came time for me to pick some items for this gift guide, I wanted to ensure that there were plenty of price points depending on your budget. Also, I wanted to include some health and fitness items in addition to entertainment, because we all know Memaw and Pops need some activity in their life. So here are my top gift picks for seniors this Holiday season!

Amazon Paperwhite $129.99: Glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. Perfect for reading their favorite newspapers (subscriptions available), borrowing library E-books, and enjoying novels from anywhere at anytime.

Window Bird Feeder $29.90: this feeder has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Also an easy-to-use sliding feed tray with two slots so you can have two types of seeds. Perfect for family members who love bird watching.

Wireless Item Locator $17.98: Never again will they lose their glasses, remote, cell phone, or keys because of this cool device. Attach the receivers to your prized and all-to-often misplaced possessions, and rest assured they’ll never go missing again!

Hanes Slipper House Shoe $24.99: Great for wearing around the house, be sure to size up because reviews say they run small

Isotoner Ballerina Slippers $20.36: My Grammie June loves ballerina slippers for wearing around the house. Just enough skid-resistance on the sole to prevent you from slipping, but not too much fluff on the inside to make your feet sweat either if you’re piddling around the house

Vive Pedal Exerciser $68.99: Compact with quiet, smooth operation. Use it while on the phone, watching tv, or playing games to incorporate more movement into your day. Easily fits under a desk or similar space. Dual use for arm or leg exercises.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion $28.99: this cushion was designed to offload pressure on the spinal discs by using an ergonomic design that helps increase blood flow, prevent pain in the lower back, help muscle fatigue, and reduce hamstring tightness. Perfect for anyone you know with lower back issues!

Large Print Playing Cards $12.47: perfect for playing Go Fish, Solitaire, or Spades, but with BIGGER font!

Walker/ Rollator Cup Holder $15.95: my Grandfather uses a rollator quite often, and this little contraption would be a great addition to any walking device to ensure you get your recommended daily intake of H2O

Netflix Subscription : $8.99/month, access to thousands of movies, tv shows, and documentaries. Way less expensive than cable and easy to access from any smart device or TV.

Britbox Subscription : $6.99/month, access to the top British tv shows and movies, perfect for any Anglophile

Brass Door Opener $16.99: an antimicrobial and contactless way to open doors, push buttons, and check out at the grocery. Perfect gift for keeping your family members safe!

Photo Album: nothing beats the sentimentality of a photo album! Last year my husband and I gave photo albums of our wedding day to all our parents and grandparents for Christmas. It’s a simple way to show how much you appreciate them and the memories that were made.

Machine Washable Heated Blanket $39.99: If you’re going to buy a heated blanket, it HAS to be machine washable. And this one comes highly rated! Featuring 3- heat settings and a 3 hour auto-off for peace of mind.

What are you buying for the seniors on your Christmas list?

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