My Favorite Accounts to Follow: Women in Medicine

Today is National Female Physicians Day!

Thankful for female pioneers like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female to be granted an MD degree in the United States. Because of her and so many other women before me who fought to practice medicine, today as a female, I get to be a medical provider. It’s a privilege that I hope I never take for granted.

But in light of National Female Physicians Day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite accounts to follow of women who work in different specialties of medicine and are slaying at their craft! Be sure to check them out and spur them on in what they are doing to break stigmas and educate their followers. It’s not easy being a medical provider right now, so show them some love!

Dr. Majestic – Instagram | Blog
ER Physician in California

Dr. Lora Shahine – Instagram
OB-GYN/REI Physician in Seattle, WA

Dr. Laura Scott – Instagram
Dermatology Physician

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish – Instagram | Blog
Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist, host of “I’m Not Your Shrink” Podcast

Andrea Benedict, PA-C – Instagram
PICU PA in Austin, TX, owner of Medthusiast

Savanna, PA-C – Instagram | Blog
Dermatology PA in Georgia, creator of the PA Platform (resource for pre-PA’s)

Dr. Amanda Fisher, DPT – Instagram
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in Missouri

Michele Neskey, PA-C – Instagram
Oncology PA in Charleston, SC; pre-PA counselor, host of @beyondthescope.podcast

Dr. Nicole Sparks – Instagram
OB-GYN Physician in Atlanta, GA

KC O’Neil, PA-C – Instagram
Functional Medicine PA in Charlotte, NC

Kristy Goodman, PA-C – Instagram
Women’s Health PA, CEO of the @preconceptiontest

Marisa Elise, PA-C – Instagram
Primary Care PA in Texas

Ashley Munns, PA-C – Instagram | Blog
Vascular Surgery PA in Orlando, FL

Stephanie Howard, PA-C – Instagram
OB-GYN PA in Knoxville, TN, Host of the podcast “At Your Cervix”

Lynzy Coughlin, PA-C – Instagram | Blog
Emergency Medicine PA in Connecticut

Katrina Bernard, PA-C – Instagram
Urgent Care PA in Kansas City, MO

Dr. Michelle Rockwell – Instagram
Family Medicine Physician in Tulsa, OK

Dr. Shannon Seckel – Instagram
Pediatric Physician in Idaho

What accounts do you love to follow?

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