May 2021 Recap

May was the most satisfying exhale after months of holding my breath.

Did anyone else feel a turning of the tides in May? It was the month that pandemic policies started being lifted. Masks were no longer required in most cities and states. Large gatherings became more of the norm. And schedules started to pick up. May felt like a tabula rasa, or clean slate. And I think we all needed a fresh start after the sh*t show (pardon my language) that was 2020. Hope you too are feeling a deeper sense of normalcy. It’s a great feeling when you realize that for everything there is a season. And thankfully this pandemic season is just about over!


Kale Kouture’s Cake Batter Bites
Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps

The Well-Watered Woman
Such a Fun Age
The Woman in the Window
Try Softer

Skylar Scent Palette
BC Hand Serum
The Woman in the Window
Volcanic Rock
Makeup Brush
Bioionic Curling Iron
Amazon Sunnies
Pocket Tee


The Chosen
The Trial of the Chicago 7
The Woman in the Window
Notting Hill
Sense & Sensibility
The Beauty & the Baker


Greenville, SC: Cary and I took a little last minute getaway to Greenville, SC to visit with friends and family. It was magical! I forgot how easy travel can be when you aren’t required to wear masks and can actually eat in restaurants without restrictions. It felt like a turning of the tides and my heart loved every minute of it.


I started dreaming again! I know for many of us, the pandemic put our dreams on hold. We didn’t feel like we could dream or hope in much of anything. We were living in survival mode just trying to make ends meet. But this past month, I’ve begun to hope again in what the future holds for me both as a wife, physician assistant, daughter, sister, and friend. I hope you too have given yourself the time and space to dream again and think introspectively at what you want for the future. The Lord has provided for us all in so many ways over the past year and a half, and it’s time we counted those blessings and used that as fuel to hope again.


My favorite: MDW 2021 Sales Roundup
Reader’s favorite: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021


LET IT GO – DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber
I Can’t Be Myself – Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith
Jireh – Elevation Worship & Maverick City
Leave the Door Open – Bruno Mars
Into the Mystery – NEEDTOBREATHE
Your Power – Billie Eilish
Save Your Tears (with Ariana Grande) – The Weeknd
Get Together – David Guetta
Anywhere With You – Mat Kearney


This month, I exercised 15 out of 31 days. It was a variety of outdoor walks and Beachbody workouts (Muscle Burns Fat, Yoga, & 21 Day Fix). This month, my goal is to have more exercise days on the days that I’m working. It’s been a constant struggle for me to exercise on the days that I’m working. I don’t know if anyone else who works 12s feels the same way, but I am trying to not let it be a barrier to me celebrating my body with movement. So in June, I’m hoping to be more intentional to exercise not because I have to because I WANT to.

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