Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

2022 was one of the most stressful and difficult years to-date.

I’ll spare you all the gorey details and stick with the highlights. But I find the older I get, the more I’ve come to realize that this world is wrought with trials. Each year just seems to further confirm that this world is not my home (Hebrews 13:14). I’m a millennial (just barely made the cut in ’93), which some say means that I’m inherently good at adapting to change. I find that my generation is relatively adaptable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we like change. And for me personally, I like the idea of change, but then the reality of it is brutal. I think many of the hardships of this year were due to change and having to learn to adapt. Maybe I am good at dealing with change, but I feel like internally my gut says otherwise. But here are some of the highlights of 2022:

Last year, we moved from Myrtle Beach to Knoxville in March, bought our first house in February, and changed jobs 5 times jointly. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s B-cell lymphoma going into remission! Went to North Carolina to celebrate my sister earning her Masters degree in Public Administration. I got COVID for the first time just days before celebrating my sister-in-law’s wedding in Michigan (nothing like being a bridesmaid battling COVID). I turned 29 and Cary turned 32. Helped my parents move from Charleston to Knoxville, after having lived in Charleston for 20+ years. Watched my dad transition from being a full-time pastor in SC to being a full-time geology professor at the University of Tennessee. Witnessed friends and family members have babies and celebrate big milestones. Had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with travel times of less than 4 hours (love having family close). Got terminated after putting in my notice, but found other opportunities in the ER to help fill the gap between my new job in primary care. Ended 2022 and started 2023 in Europe with my husband traveling to France, Germany, and Austria. After the stress of this year, Europe was honestly a breath of fresh air to adventure and disconnect.

This year was a toughie, but also full of so many surprising moments of God’s constant provisions. Today, I am looking expectantly at the year to come and hoping that this one brings more consistency and less chaos.

What in 2022 did I learn that I want to take with me into 2023?

I learned that my job does not define me. I am more than a Physician Assistant. I’m a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. God’s provision always surpasses my expectations. Devotion and consistency in reading my bible and prioritizing quiet time are not always easy to come by, but my faith always prevails. My body is a temple and sometimes rest trumps movement. Stress is probably going to be the death of me. But I’m learning how to cope better and not allow it to completely wreck havoc on my body.

What am I looking forward to most in 2023?

Beginning my new job in primary care. I’ve only ever worked in shift-work positions in Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Critical Care. This will be the first time in my professional career as a PA that I will be working a “9-5” job. Will it be mentally taxing transitioning? Absolutely. Do I have a lot to learn about time management and being a PCP? 100%. But I’m really excited to take on this new adventure and role! I’m also hoping this allows for more time with my family now that we are all in the greater Knoxville area. Also having weekends and holidays off (PTL)!

Do you have a word or mantra for 2023?

Consistency. I want to strive to be more consistent in my day-to-day living: Consistently faithful. Consistently present. Consistently active. Consistently joyful. Consistently prayerful. Consistently selfless. Consistently showing up in all the things I pursue and love.

What resolutions/goals do I have for the year?

I’ve found I do better with goals than resolutions, so here are a few of mine: read 50 books, get back into personal counseling, blog more (at least once a month), carve out weekly quiet time, get a dog (this one has been a long time coming), get a financial advisor, and prioritize my family. When I think of the trajectory of my life, these goals are in line with where I want to be. I want to be more learned, more financially savvy, have more tools in my emotional toolbox, and spend more time loving and enjoying my family. I pray that this next year brings more LIFE! Because that’s where true joy and satisfaction can be found.

What are you most excited about in 2023?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

  1. Consistency beats intensity, that’s for sure, so I’m rooting for you to stick to your word of the year. Great updates here, and nice pics too. Wishing you all the best for 2023!


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