My Go-To Grocery List

The wait is over!

Today I am sharing my go-to grocery list of things I like to buy up for my weekly grocery runs. I like to think that I am a healthy eater who likes the occasional indulgence, so if this list doesn’t speak to you, it’s not you it’s probably me.

These are my favorite items to pick up week-to-week. Some of them are more basic than others, but overall they make up the majority of my meal planning.

Hopefully you can utilize this list when putting together your own weekly shopping list. These grocery items make up the backbone of so many of my favorite weekly recipes. Granted some things are not on my list, including pasta, canned vegetables, & vegetable/meat stocks. That is just because I use those so little day-to-day, I didn’t think they were worthy of making the list of favorites. But yes, I do indeed eat pasta and cook with canned veggies, like black beans and diced tomatoes.

Anyway, I broke it down into 3 categories:

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

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