Photo Books by Artsy Couture

I love photos.

Something is so inherently special about capturing a moment in time through a photograph. I can’t imagine how much more precious they must have been way-back-when in the age of film photography. Now that we have digital photography, capturing a memory is just a click away. But it definitely doesn’t diminish the sentiment behind each moment recorded.

So when it came to finding a company to create a photo book/album of our best day ever (aka our wedding day), I knew my standards would be high. I didn’t want to pick just anyone. I’d worked with Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Snapfish in the past and been pleased with the outcome, but for this particular project, I knew I wanted a step-above the rest. But the issue with handing high standards and also working around a budget can prove challenging. Many of the top printing brands come at a steep cost, and as a newlywed we can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a small project. With quality and budget in mind, we found Artsy Couture!

Their brand has grown the trust of professional photographers all across the US after only being in the industry for four years. Artsy Couture started out of a garage and has grown into a full-service boutique photo lab offering premium products at noteworthy price points. From photo books to wedding invitations, they are leading the industry with innovation and fresh ideas. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with!

The perfect gift

For Christmas, we decided to give a few of our family members photo books of our wedding day to say thank you for their support. It was the perfect expression of our gratitude and a tangible way for them to remember our best day ever. After receiving those photo books in the mail, we had to get one of our own. The quality was incredible. The printing was without blemish. We had to create one for ourselves! And we are so thrilled we did. Photo books are the perfect birthday, Christmas, and just because gifts.

Size Comparison

We bought the 12 x 12 album for ourselves and the 8.5 x 11 and 5 x 7 albums for our family members. Honestly, I loved the 5 x 7 almost more than the larger books, because they are so handy. They are almost like a flip-book rather than a photo album. I’m glad we picked the largest size for our own album though just given the fact that we had SO many pictures we loved and wanted to cherish.

I think the hardest part of this whole process was narrowing down which pictures we wanted. A good problem to have! It helps when you have an incredible photographer who encapsulated the joy of your wedding day so effortlessly (shameless plug for Taylor Rae Photography!). We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited with how this project turned out. It started with exceptional quality photos and ended with the perfect commemoration to the happiest day ever.

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