Life is chaotic

We have a million different things on our plate. Our to-do lists are long and the days often aren’t long enough to get it all done. So anytime I can find shortcuts, I take them. Working in the Emergency Department you learn that snacks are essential. But finding companies you can trust made with ingredients you can pronounce is harder than you think. But then I found RXBAR!

No B.S.

Full disclosure of ingredients.
No difficult to pronounce fillers/additives.
Just pure, wholesome goodness packed into every bar.

And RXBAR offers so much more than just protein bars! They have a wide selection of nut butters, oats, and kids snacks too. Transportable, healthy snacks a-plenty! I’ve been an advocate for RXBAR and their products for many years now. They’ve expanded so much since their inception in 2012, and I’m excited to see even more growth of their incredible brand.

My Top Flavors

New Flavor Alert

**DRUM ROLL PLEASE** RXBAR’s newest flavor is … Chocolate Raspberry! And it’s pretty dang tasty. Tastes like a straight up dessert! And just in time for Valentine’s Day, these bars would make the perfect gift for that special (health-conscious) someone. Ditch the expensive box of chocolates this year and grab a box of these delectable bars. No fakeness or fillers, just good-for-you food.

I keep these handy in my purse, car, and lunchbox to prevent my hunger from escalating to hangry. Never be without a nutritious, delectable snack. Snag a box of these the next time you’re at the grocery store. Available at most major retailers and, of course, online!

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