10 Tips to Thrive While WFH

Over the past couple months, many Americans have transitioned from working in an office to working from home (WFH). And it’s not an easy transition! But here are a couple of tips that I think can help us to thrive while we work from home. Let’s relish in this quarantine season as best we can!

1. Create a Morning Routine

I’ve been really bad about this since quarantine, because my job lends itself to having no normal routine whatsoever. I think many people who are shift workers can probably relate. But I do have rhythms within my routine that I do daily. From having my daily quiet time to drinking my morning coffee, there are a few non-negotiables necessary to my morning. Find out what those are for you and create a routine around them.

2. Make a To-Do or Daily Intention List

What do you need, want, and hope to accomplish today? Create a list of to-do’s or intentions focused around that question and try not to spend too much of your attention on things that aren’t relevant to your goals. If you don’t get everything done on your list, it’s okay, shrug it off. But by creating a list, you’re choosing intentionality over complacency.

3. Get dressed for the day

This is huge! If you’re struggling with motivation during this season, getting dressed and putting makeup on can be a huge inspiration. It makes you feel a sense of normalcy during a time that is not at all normal. I remember in college, people would often use the phrase “dress well, test well” to encourage people to dress up for exams. This couldn’t be more true now! If you like how you look, you will exude more confidence throughout your day even if you are just staying at home.

4. Take breaks

There’s no reason for you not to take a 30-minute brain break every now and again. Breaks are great opportunities to recharge and step back from whatever you are working on. Whether you need to go for a quick walk to check the mail or go eat a healthy snack, breaks are productive ways to motivate you throughout your workday. Here is a timer cube that may help you carve out brain breaks throughout your workday.

5. Sit at a table or desk

If you sit at a desk at work, you should utilizie a desk when working from home. Either sitting or standing at a desk will help to recreate the environment you’re accustomed to. Create a workspace that inspires you, maybe by a window with good natural light. Just find a place that’s comfortable and conducive to getting work done, aka not your bed.

6. Listen to uplifting music

Spotify has some amazing curated playlists for literally every mood. Whether you want classical music, piano jazz, or cello cover bands, they got you covered! Having music on in the background is a scientifically proven way to boost your mood, creativity, and productivity while working.

7. Stay hydrated

Water has SO many benefits! It helps us increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain which reduces the risk of headaches, improves cognition, balances your mood and emotions, and reduces stress. It allows your body to detox so your kidneys and liver can flush out waste products and toxins. It lubricates your joints for exercise and activity and allows your muscles cells to work longer and harder. It helps your skin and integumentary system by increasing elasticity and replenishing cell regeneration to give you that youthful glow. Keep a glass of water by your workstation as a reminder to drink more throughout your day!

8. Make your bed

Studies have shown that making your bed gives an early sense of accomplishment to your day. People who make their bed daily are more productive than those who don’t. So what are you waiting for, go make your bed!

9. Stay connected with loved ones

Whether it’s a text, phone call, Marco Polo, or email, be intentional to keep in touch with your loved ones daily. Not only will it be a bright spot in their day, but it will also be a bright spot in your day. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself from friends and family, so take the time to show the ones you love that you are thinking of them. It will bless you immeasurably!

10. Give yourself grace

We are all learning how to do life differently. And it’s challenging. No one expected that 2020 would be playing out the way it has. So don’t beat yourself up or allow negative self-talk to consume you. Give yourself grace if you don’t get everything done you wanted, or if you feel like you’re on a daily emotional roller-coaster. We are doing hard things right now and if we can’t give ourselves grace, how can we expect to extend grace to others?

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What tips do you have for everyone out there WFH?

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