Spruce Up your Phone

I remember my first phone.

It was a white LG Rumor with a slide-out keyboard and 1.3 megapixel camera. I thought it was the raddest thing I ever owned. I could only use it to talk and text with, but man, could I type fast on that thing. It had internet functionality, but it was pretty slow and a waste of precious data. Honestly, part of me kinda misses the simplicity of it. Now our phones can do just about everything a computer can. Basically, our whole lives are on on phones. It’s wild.

But this past week, my husband surprised me with a iPhone 11 Pro for my birthday (#besthusbandaward). It’s been a fun upgrade from my iPhone 8 Plus. I think the best part is learning all the new features and messing with the gadgetry. But I realized, I hadn’t bought a new phone case in an awful long time, so here are a few of my favorite phone cases that I’ve found while combing through the internet. Some are pricier than others, so I put a ($) by the more budget-friendly options. Hope you find the perfect case to spruce up your phone!

Heyday Tortoiseshell ($)
Casely Gingham ($)
Heyday Silicone ($)
Loopy White Marble
Moglea Modern
Casetify Leather
Casetify Monogram
Rifle Paper Co. Pink
Rifle Paper Co. Blue
The Daily Edited Saffiano
Pela White 100% Compostable
Otterbox Commuter
Peel Super Thin White
Casetify White Leopard
Casely Spotted ($)
Printworks Snakeskin

Personally, I love the monogram phone cases and many retailers are starting to offer them at relatively low costs. But the animal prints and fun florals are also fun and funky. Snag a new phone case now, it’s time to spruce up your phone!

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