My Favorite Apps for Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite creative outlets, but it can prove challenging. Knowing what aesthetic you want and how/what you want to post isn’t easy. But this roundup of apps has simplified my blogging and streamlined by process of creating and posting. Below are my top app picks for blogging, check ’em out!


My #1 app for photo editing! Love the accessibility of presets. Love that you can create a cloud of photos that you can access from your phone or computer. Truly my favorite app for Instagram and blogging. Love the Light and Airy Presets!


It’s like photoshop for you phone. Seriously one of the best apps for creating content for Instagram, Pinterest, and the like. It allows you to create content with sizes specific for the channel you are posting to. So you don’t have to know dimensions, you just create and post! I think the first time I saw someone using Canva, it was for their Beautycounter business. But then I realized that it’s versatility allows for all kinds of possibilities for me as a blogger.


Love the fonts available on WordSwag! Great for adding fun pizazz to your posts. I’ve been using WordSwag for a couple years now and love the simplicity of use. It’s fun to mix and match fonts, but I also love that it’s FREE!


Think WordSwag but elevated. Honestly, I like Over because it has more options than WordSwag, however it can prove pricey if you want specific fonts. I use Over for a couple of their free fonts, but I like WordSwag better overall because it’s more cost-effective. But if you are okay with spending a little money for some fonts, then Over is for you.


Great for video editing! I use this app ALL the time for editing videos. You can copy, cut, paste, speed up, or slow down any video you create and it’s extremely user-friendly. Also, did I mention it’s FREE?!?!


Unfold is great for creating Instagram stories. And since I am constantly trying to find fun, new layouts to create and post, this app helps get my creative juices flowing. Fun formats that are easy to create and download!

If you like fashion or home, this app is terrific. Basically for every blogger that has an account, you’re able to access links to EVERYTHING they post. Whether you’re wanting to know where to buy a tie-dye sweatshirt or luxurious rug, all the links are in the app. You can even like things you’re interested in to save them for later. Very user-friendly and easy to access. Here’s a link to my account!

What are your favorite apps for blogging?

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