Coffee Table Books

There is nothing worse than walking into someone’s home and feeling like you can’t touch anything. You know those houses where everything is pristine and symmetrical and not the least bit lived in. That’s my worst nightmare. I always hope that when people walk into my home they feel waves of comfort, relaxation, and ease, not fear of messing the perfection up. And I think adding personal touches like coffee table books, cozy blankets, and welcoming scents help achieve the aesthetic I’m striving for.

So I compiled a handful of coffee table books that I think will enliven your space and ignite conversation in your home. Whether you love design, art, organization, or travel, there is a little something for everyone! Check them out below…

Homebody | For the Love of White | Architectural Digest: A Century of Style | Made for Living
Sunday Suppers | Live Beautiful | Book of Psalms | Make Life Beautiful
West: The American Cowboy | Holiday | Wine Simple | Wanderlust
Beaches | The Color Teil | Italy
Living with Pattern | Overview | Welcome Home
36 Hours Hours: USA & Canada | Metropolitan Museum of Ar
| 1,000 Places to See Before You Die | The Home Edit Life

What coffee table books do you love?

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