My Spotify Christmas Playlists

No other season has an entire collection of songs dedicated to it.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to get in the holly jolly spirit than by singing loud for all to hear?!? I’ve been cultivating these Christmas Spotify playlists for quite some time now! Literally since 2017. Each playlist has a specific mood or genre to help simplify your Christmas listening. Play it in the background while you’re whipping up Christmas cookies, or jam out while trimming your tree. There’s a playlist for every type of Christmas mood. Enjoy!

Classy Christmas (click for link)
Crooner Christmas (click for link)
Christian Christmas (click for link)
Jazzy Christmas (click for link)
Indie Christmas (click for link)
Instrumental Christmas (click for link)
Pop Christmas (click for link)
Soul Christmas (click for link)
Country Christmas (click for link)
What are your favorite Christmas songs?

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