Easter Dresses from Target under $30

Easter is a little over a week away!

Growing up as a kid, every year we always bought a new Easter dress. My sister and I wore matching smocked dresses for a while, but when we grew out of that tradition, I remember it was an event going shopping to find just the right dress. I was a rather picky child that grew up into a rather choosy adult. But it felt like such a treat getting to pick out something nice to wear on Easter Sunday. Sometimes we’d even get a new pair of shoes or a new pocketbook to go with our ensemble. This year however, like last year, may look a little different.

So however you’re celebrating Easter this year (in-person or virtually), Easter Sunday is the perfect excuse to get yourself a fun, spring dress. And these Target dresses are too die for. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they’re also trés chic and will be great pieces to wear into spring and summer. I’m loving the dresses from A New Day and Universal Thread the most. Keep in mind that many of these dresses come in multiples colors, so whatever you see here may be available in a solid or a print. Just click the link and see for yourself. Here is my roundup of Easter dresses from Target under $30!

How are you celebrating Easter this year?

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