How I Got Back Into Reading My Bible

Reading my bible daily is a practice I’ve always aspired after.

Some years and seasons I’ve been more diligent than others. But for those of you that may not know, my dad is a pastor, so growing up, I always thought that reading your bible daily was just what “good Christians” did. But the older I get, the more I have come to realize that reading your Bible daily should not be considered a chore. It’s not something you do to gain good standing with God, it’s something you do out of love and adoration to get to KNOW God all the more. Maybe you too think of reading your Bible daily as a task or chore rather than a way to praise and worship God. If that’s the case, I highly recommend you switching up your time in God’s word. Maybe you need a new resource, new Bible reading plan, or even a new outlook. Maybe you need to stop thinking of it as a task to mark off your daily to-do list and reframe how you approach God’s word.

For me, what reignited my love for God’s word was The Bible Recap. I’ve shared about this resource before on social media, but today I want to go a little bit more in-depth about it.

What is The Bible Recap?

The Bible Recap is a bible reading plan created by D-Group. And for those of you who don’t know, D-Group is a group created by Tara-Leigh Cobble back in 2009 with the intention to train and equip followers of Christ to know and love God and His Word in the way they long to. By providing online leader training and support, weekly curriculums, and practical application of the Scriptures, they are reigniting the hearts of those who love and serve God through deeper understanding of scripture. Tara-Leigh Cobble, with the help of many others, created The Bible Recap as a way to read through the bible in a year and to see and experience the presence of God in a powerful way.

Free Access

Oh yeah, did I mention it’s FREE to access!?! If you have a smart phone, all you need is the Bible App and a way to access podcasts (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean) and you have all the resources you need. I told you it’s that simple! The Bible App has the bible reading plan setup so you can even get reminders to read the bible daily so you don’t get off track. But you read anywhere from 2-4 chapters of the bible daily, followed by a short devotional that can be accessed through the podcast or the book.

The Bible Recap Book

If you’re more of a visual learner, get your hands on The Bible Recap Book. It’s essentially the podcast in book form, and it’s the perfect complement to the reading plan. I love using it while I read the podcast. It offers a brief synopsis of the daily bible readings with context and application. If you love holding a physical book when studying, then this is what you need.

Falling back in love with God’s word doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. All it takes is an open heart and an open bible.

What are your favorite bible resources?

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