July 2021 Recap

July was a whirlwind!

Worked a few long stretches in the hospital. Celebrated Fourth of July at work because #lifeinmedicine. Went to in-person church for the first time since the pandemic. Had lunch with my freshmen roomie while she was vacationing with family at Litchfield. Went to Charleston to help my grandmother move into a smaller apartment and to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Visited a new restaurant in Charleston called Lenoir’s by Vivian Howard. Had one of Cary’s friends from high school and his wife stay with us while they vacationed in Myrtle Beach. Did all the Myrtle Beach-y things like mini golf, beach days, and fried seafood. Grabbed beers with an old friend from my PA residency while she was in town. It was truly such a fun month packed with lots of chance encounters and sweet people. Sometimes I forget just how blessed I am to have family and friends, both near and far, who love me and support me. I’m beyond grateful that I get to do life with so many amazing people.


Blueberry Crisp

The Great Alone
Big Summer
Breaking Free from Body Shame

Microdermabrasion Device
Collapsable Colander
Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer
Kenra Heat Protectant Spray
Matte Effect Gel Cream
Foot Callus File
Sugarbuff Body Polish
T3 Paddle Brush
Woman Code


The Chosen
Dirty John Season 2
Outer Banks


Charleston, GA: Celebrated my momma’s birthday at Lenoir’s (Vivian Howards’ newest restaurant). The food was absolutely phenomenal! SUch eclectic spices and combinations of flavors. I also helped my grandmother move into a new apartment. It was a short trip, but still priceless time spent with family.


I learned how to play euchre. It’s a game I never grew up playing, but it’s something I quickly caught onto. It’s a card game meant for four players, but I think it can be played with three. Incredibly fun and ridden with strategy. If you know me personally, you know that I am not usually a fan of trying new things, let alone games. But I’m turning a new leaf in 2021 and attempting to be more open to new experiences.


My favorite: How I Got Back Into Reading My Bible
Reader’s favorite: All Things Enneagram


Sittin’ In The Backseat – NEEDTOBREATHE
STAY (feat. Justin Bieber) – The Kid LAROI
All I Want Is To Be With You – John Mayer
Don’t Go Yet – Camilla Cabello
Fancy Like – Walker Hayes
Renegade – Taylor Swift
The Commission – CAIN


This month, I started and finished Jess Connolly’s newest book, Breaking Free of Body Shame. It’s a fantastic read for any woman who has ever struggled with body image issues, which is likely every woman I know and love. It’s empowering, encouraging, and uplifting to hear a fellow follower of Christ talk about a topic that is so pertinent to culture today. Body image is a topic that is all too often skimmed over in Christian circles. Why? Maybe because it brings up too much trauma or too much controversy, but it’s something that needs to be spoken of more openly. And this book tactfully articulates how we can put an end to body shame. I loved this book for the ways in which it convicted me of how I speak of other women and encouraged me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My body is good, and I know that because it was created by a God. He never makes a mistake.

After reading her book, I’ve found myself seeing exercise and rest as opportunities for praise and worship. God didn’t intend exercise to be a form of enslavement to our bodies, but rather as an opportunity for greater reliance on him and joy in the ways he has equipped us. I love movement because it allows me to give God the glory. My body is not a project. It’s a beautiful display of God’s creativity. It’s time we started treating our bodies with respect and honor, because our bodies are good!

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