Fall Wreaths Under $100

Fall is HERE!

Anyone else get in some kinda way when this season hits? Trey Kennedy perfectly captures the depth of love girls have for autumn. And if anyone can attest to my enduring love for fall, it’s my husband. He watched me unpack all the candles and decorative pumpkins from my recent Target online purchase (#noshame). Be sure to check out this video in the link below, it will make you laugh out loud and then some!

But when it comes to fall, the best place to start for decorations is your front door! It’s the first time people see when they approach your home. We currently have a fall wreath that we’ve used for the past two years, however it is so reminiscent of nature that we have struggled with birds trying to dwell within in. True story: we had a bird fly into our apartment last year which made for some incredibly embarrassing videos on our security camera. So this year, my goal is to find a fall wreath that is not going to be as compelling for the birds to move into.

Berry || Eucalyptus || Wheat & Eucalyptus
Magnolia || Bay Leaf || Colorful
Floral Pumpkin || Acorn || Wheat

Happy Fall, y’all!

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