New Year, New Job

I’ve got a secret to share with you guys!

The past few months have been a whirlwind muddled with tears, frustration, joy, and expectation. As many of you already know, my first job out of PA school was in the Emergency Department. I accepted a position in an ER residnecy/fellowship that allowed me to deepen my understanding of clinical medicine. I honed my craft and gained confidence in my abilities with every shift. 2019 and 2020 proved to be a tremendous season of growth. However since COVID-19 happened, our numbers have been down in our hospital. We’ve seen significantly less patients in the ER as compared to last year, and because of that the hospital made shift cuts to help alleviate the disparity. However, shift cuts weren’t enough, and I was informed that my position would be cut effective December 1st.

In a word, I was devastated. I loved my time in the ER this past year. Before PA school, I scribed in the ER, so the familiarly of it’s fast-paced environment was comforting to me. But I didn’t choose to walk away from this position, it was chosen for me. And I think that’s the toughest part of this transition; it wasn’t my decision.

I got the phone call on a Friday morning. I was actually in the middle of packing for a bachelorette weekend in Charleston. Thankfully though, I had the weekend to focus on a dear friend instead of hyperfocusing on my news. It was an incredible blessing and the perfect escape, to be with a bunch of girls drinking mimosas and talking about marriage, enneagrams, and relationships. But THAT Friday evening, I was also getting phone calls from job prospects. In fact, my now new supervisor was calling me on my way to Charleston asking about my interest in a position with their team. God was already working all things together for my good and his glory!

Now here we are a few months later and I have some news to share…

I accepted a position with Hospital/Internal Medicine!

Am I scared and nervous about the transition? YES!
But I’m also expectant and joyful for this new and challenging opportunity.
Am I gonna struggle? Guaranteed!
But isn’t that a vital part of growth?!?

God’s provision has been a constant these past few months, and I’m extremely grateful for how I’ve seen God’s hand guiding and guarding me throughout this season of discernment and decision-making. It’s amazing to think about how confused and uncertain I was after getting that phone call on October 15th. I didn’t know what the future held or if staying in Myrtle Beach was even on the table. My last day in the ER full-time was November 30th and my new contract with Hospital Medicine started the very next day. I literally had no career lull in between being terminated and accepting this new position, that’s how incredible God is. This whole transition process was so fluid. Thankfully too, I’ve been able to remain PRN (or as needed) in the ER and have kept my credentialing and privileges in the event that numbers do increase and I’m able to pick up a few shifts here and there.

After working one month in this new position, I already foresee the grit and growth that will come from this career change. Never in a million years would I have anticipated a speciality change in the last quarter of 2020, but here we are! 2020 was the year of the unexpected. However, I am incredibly thankful for my new co-workers and colleagues who’ve welcomed me into their family so graciously. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition, and I’m expectant about what God has in store for me career-wise in light of this new diversified experience.

Already I’m…
  • learning how to chart more effectively
  • realizing the pitfalls of Emergency Medicine in expediting inpatient care
  • growing in my understanding of clinical medicine
  • learning how to bill for patient encounters
  • spending more time at the patient’s bedside
  • experiencing deeper fulfillment in what I do

I guess God knew I needed this change.
And I’m thankful that he made a way for me!

What changes (career, family, geographic, relational) in 2021 are you expectant for?

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