January 2021 Recap

New year. Fresh start. Clean slate.

I’ve always loved new years, because they feel like a do-over. And after this past year, I think we can all agree a do-over is in order. 2020 was challenging at best. I learned more about myself than I ever imagined. But in the end, I also learned that I can do hard things. Not by my own strength, but because Christ equips me. It may not have been the year I imagined, but there are still bright spots amidst the heartache, grief, loneliness, and drudgery. I learned to hold things loosely and be brave enough to be bad. It was a year of revelations and renewal, and for that I am extremely grateful.

But this past month, I began to feel more at peace in my new job. I started to feel more equipped and capable with each shift. I showed up to work with hands wide open to learn and grow. I had my fair share of hard days that wrecked my psyche and made me question my specialty choice, but thankfully they came and went. As it turns out, bad days are just that, bad days. They don’t last forever and they are in fact finite. So I’m continuing to ask God how I can be better and do better as a medical provider in this new position, and my faith is better for it. January flew by, but to be honest, I’m pretty happy it did!


Loren’s Christmas Chocolate Peanuts
Naan Pizza
Chicken Enchiladas Verde with Hatch Chile Sauce
Classic Meatloaf
White Chicken Chili
Ham Swiss Poppyseed Rolls


Black Candle Sticks
Brown Maxi Dress
Diamond Choker Necklace
Bible Recap
Oversized Cotton Pillows
Amber Soap Dispensers
Vanity Planet Facial Steamer
Old Navy Hoodie
Weekly/Monthly Planner


Bride Wars
17 Again
Dream Home Makeover
Schitt’s Creek
Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour
Avengers: End Game
Bourne Identity
Bourne Supremacy
Bourne Ultimatum
Something Borrowed

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry – John Mark Comer

Do you ever feel caught in the noise of this world? Consumed by the hurry and fast-paced nature of having to be more, do more, buy more, perform more, and achieve more? If you answered yes, this book is perfect for you.
This past year has prompted me, like many, to reflect more on how I’m living my life. I’ve been forced to reassess whether my routines are in line with a gospel-centered life. This book is a fabulously convicting read for Christians trying to figure out how to do life amidst a world fueled by hurry.
How can I prioritize Sabbath? What does it look like to live within my means?
How can I be a better steward of my things?
How can I live life without being materialistic or consumeristic?
John Mark Comer tackles these and many more topics about our current culture’s pitfalls and how to be people of faith in American culture.

Atomic Habits – James Clear

This books is an incredible read especially at the beginning of the new year when momentum for change is at an all time high. James Clear focuses on FOUR laws of creating good habits and breaking bad ones based on scientific evidence and a slew of anecdotal references.
The FOUR laws include
1. Make it OBVIOUS
3. Make it EASY and
4. Make it SATISFYING.

By following these four laws he simplifies the process of making/creating/continuing good habits, as well as saying goodbye to bad habits. One of the biggest takeaways I learned was that our systems for change determine our success in achieving our goals. A bad or broken system won’t help you reach your goal, so be intentional in creating systems that lead to success. His writing style is lighthearted, informative, and engaging. I wasn’t able to put this book down, and it made me excited for the possibility of routine change in my own life. Highly recommend this for anyone seeking to achieve new years goals/resolutions or simply needing a swift kick in the pants to make a change.


I started my new job with hospital medicine in December, so I have officially been in this position for two months. Do I feel overwhelmed most days? Yes. Do I make mistakes? Undoubtedly yes! But I’m learning firsthand that my worth isn’t tied up in my abilities. I actually started going through a workbook in counseling called The Search for Significance, and it’s revealing so many false beliefs that I’ve regarded as truths. Beliefs like “I must meet certain standards to feel good about myself” and “I must have the approval of others to feel good about myself”. It’s breaking me of a lot of my flawed beliefs and opening my eyes to God’s truths.


My favorite: New Year, New Job
Reader’s favorite: My Honest Account of Getting the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines


Easy – Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves
Anyone – Justin Bieber
drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo
What’s Your Country Song – Thomas Rhett
Line By Line – JP Saxe, Maren Morris
Wasted on You – Morgan Wallen
Keep It Simple – Wilder Woods
Like No One Does – Jake Scott
Whole Heart – Gryffin (BKAYE Remix)
I Don’t Know Why – NOTD, Astrid S


This month I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor walks with the occasional yoga or HIIT workout, but not as often as I’d like. Whenever I’m in a season of transition, I fall off the bandwagon. I go into survival mode, and doing cardio is not something that I prioritize. I try to sleep, eat, and just stay alive. I think it’s healthy to go through seasons like that, as long as you’re exercising at least a few times each week. It’s okay to struggle a bit. We can’t prioritize all the things. I’ve been having to give my body a lot of grace the past few months. But thankfully at my new job, I get anywhere from 5,000-9,000 steps/day so even if I’m not scheduling exercise into my week, I’m getting a lot of LISS in.

3 thoughts on “January 2021 Recap

  1. Oooh it sounds like you’ve had a nice January! Aw I hope you can do more workouts this month; remember not too push yourself too much though! Great post!! ❤


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