Goals I Didn’t Accomplish in 2020 That I Hope to Accomplish in 2021

Admittedly, this is a very difficult post for me to write.

Why? Because it means that I didn’t follow-through on some of last year’s goals/resolutions. However, I’m choosing not to see this as a failure but as a new challenge. Your ability to complete or accomplish your goals is not a determinant of your worth. Let me say that again a little louder for the people in the back: your ability to accomplish your goals is not a determinant of your worth. 2020 wasn’t exactly at all what we expected or anticipated, and we have to give ourselves grace moving forward.

In 2020, I made 20 goals for myself #overzealous

I bolded the goals that I was able to accomplish…

1. Meditate on God’s Word Daily
2. Start Thankfulness Journal
3. Go Outside the Country (lol not in 2020)
4. Run a 10K or Half Marathon
5. Invest in a Local Church
6. Drink more H2O
7. Read the Bible in a Year
8. Revel in Rest
9. Send more snail mail
10. Pick up a new hobby
11. Read 12 books
12. Become a plant mom
13. Learn more Spanish with DuoLingo
14. Grow our savings account
15. Getaway
16. Post more intentionally on the blog
17. Mindful, Intentional, Faithful Movement
18. Overhaul wardrobe
19. Practice body positivity
20. Grace not Perfection

As you can see, I accomplished a little over half of my goals. Not bad considering a few of them were not even feasible in light of the events of 2020. This year, I am making fewer goals/resolutions but rather choosing intentions! I’ve been reading the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and it’s completely wrecked the way I’ve viewed goals and habits. Trying to take some of his advice to heart by making my habits more obvious, more attractive, easier, and more satisfying. So here are my INTENTIONS for 2021…

1. Spend & Crave Time with Jesus Daily

Whether that’s in prayer, meditation of his Word, or talking with a friend about Jesus, I want to spend time DAILY with God. I want to crave time in His presence more. This past year, I fell off the bandwagon pretty quickly once quarantine happened. I can’t blame my circumstances for my lack of fervor for quality time with God, but I think this year made me realize that I need to prioritize quiet time all the more. My mental and spiritual health necessitate time alone with God. I’m not committing to reading the bible in a year like I did last year, but I am committing to diving deeper into his Word. I would like to do a couple of bible studies so that I’m learning and growing in my faith, rather than just reading without any type of application.

2. Become a More Avid Reader

Last year, I read 10/12 books *hangs head*
So close to my goal, but then an unexpected job change and schedule change in the last quarter of the year happened. Hoping to get back into reading for pleasure in 2021! A few of the books on my list to read are Braving the Wilderness, Educated, I’m Still Here, and Such a Fun Age.

3. Prioritize REST

This is a BIG one! After the events of this past year, I’ve realized how lousy I am at resting. I consider it my thorn in the flesh to not be able to rest. But this year, I am choosing to turn a new leaf and prioritize it! REST is essential to progress, growth, and sustainability. Without it, we crumble. So I’m choosing to schedule time to rest and relax. In this season of being married but not yet having kids, these are the days that I need to build healthy habits for self-care. And Sabbath rest is vitally important to not only my mental health, but also my spiritual health.

4. Movement

Last year, I did a good job of scheduling movement into my week. In fact, at one point I was basically working out at least once everyday. However, I don’t want to become a slave to exercise. I don’t want to use exercise as a punishment for my dietary choices. Exercise should be fun and energizing. So moving into 2021, I want to continue to listen to my body and engage in movement that feels good. Whether that’s yoga, an outdoor walk, HIIT, or weight lifting, I want to be intentionally active.

What are your goals for 2021?
How are you hoping to grow in the new year?

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